6. Rally Vipavska dolina 2016 – review

6. Rally Vipavska dolina 2016 was finished yesterday after really nice battle between three top crews. After superspecial stage on Friday with a big number of spectators, there was nine stages on the schedule in Saturday. Humar was the fastest… Continue Reading

Humar is the winner!

Crew Humar – Cevc had used pedal to the metal on the last stage and beat crew Novak – Čar with 7.7 seconds. So Humar – Cevc are the winners of 6. Rally Vipavska dolina 2016! More details, photos and… Continue Reading

Rally Vipavska dolina – after SS4

After yesterday’s superspecial stage in Ajdovščina is now time for real action. Peljhan won on SS2, but Novak won SS3 with 3.1 seconds ahead Peljhan and Humar. Novak is now overtakes Humar in overall standings. Logar retired on SS3. SS4… Continue Reading