Action was started in Zlin

Alexey Lukyanuk with Ford Fiesta R5 was the fastest again on qualifying stage, now on 47. Barum Czech Rally Zlín 2017. Second was Jan Kopecky (Škoda) and third Vaclav Pech (Ford): Superspecial stage will be started today at 21:30, real… Continue Reading

Bouffier is the quickest on Ypres

Bryan Bouffier was the fastest man on first stage on 52. Kenotek by CID LINES Ypres Rally 2016. He repeat good times also on two next stages with times on Top 3. Lukyanuk rolled his Fiesta on SS1: Also Cherian… Continue Reading

Hard start on Circuit of Ireland

Second event for European Rally Championship is 74. Circuit of Ireland 2016. But very slippery conditions was caused many accident already on qualifying stage. Top 5 qualifying stage times: 1. Evans (Ford) 2:28.9 2. Fisher (Ford) 2:30.0 3. Kajetanowicz (Ford)… Continue Reading