Entry list for first event of RIC

Four seasons “old” 3R Rijeka Rally Ronde championship was renamed this season into new fresh name Rally in circuit championship. Also because were two events also on slovenian new racetrack Gaj in 2017 season, where was present WRC rally car… Continue Reading

After four years – WRC car again in Slovenia

It was 2013 year, when was the last time WRC rally car on slovenian event. Last race had Claudio De Cecco with Ford Focus RS WRC on Sprint Rally Nova Gorica 2013. Claudio was racing also with Peugeot 206 WRC… Continue Reading

Two WRC cars on Gaj racetrack

Third event for Rijeka Rally Ronde Championship will be again on Gaj racetrack in Slovenia. There will be present also two WRC cars: Peugeot 206 WRC and Ford Fiesta RS WRC. We can find also some other interesting car on… Continue Reading

First race on new racetrack Gaj

Today is third racing day on new rebuilded racetrack Gaj in Slovenia (ex Mobikrog). Yesterday we were looking first race on this track after ten years. First race was Business Vip Cup, where croatian drivers compete in Seat Ibiza Cupra… Continue Reading

New start in Slovenia

National organization of autosport in Slovenia decided to rebuild old racetrack Mobikrog in Cerklje ob Krki. After ten years of last race on this racetrack, they represent with AMD Gaj new fresh track with name GAJ Cerklje ob Krki. There… Continue Reading

Action on “poligon Gaj” on first May.

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Many of you don’t know very well about Rijeka Rally Ronde Championship. This is championship with three events on season under italian organizators and driving on Grobnik racetrack in Croatia. But first time after three seasons will be organizated race… Continue Reading