Turan won in Hungary, Ingram and Stratieva are champions

What a final event of European Rally Championship in Hungary! Close battles, muddy road conditions and so many punctures and mistakes from drivers this weekend.

38 crews didn’t finish event, 14 crews finished with Super Rally rule, so on finish we can find 56 crews of 94 starters (without historic section).

Lukyanuk was on the lead whole weekend and got just one slow puncture, but then on penultimate stage got brake issue and puncture on last stage, which one dropped him on second place overall. But what were more interesting, also Ingram got puncture on last stage, which dropped him on fourth place overall. On luck, it was still enogh for first ERC title for him. Habaj, who was also in battle for title retired twice this weekend due accident and finished championship on third place, after Lukyanuk overtook him on last event.

Second title decided in ERC Ladies cup, where was battle between Tejpar and Stratieva. Stratieva was leading whole weekend and after Tejpar’s accident she successfully finished event and become third time champions in ERC Ladies cup.

Overall win went into home driver’s hands. Frigyes Turan and Laszlo Bagameri in Škoda Fabia R5 were fast whole weekend and were always right behind the fastest drivers. They won with 33.7 seconds ahead Lukyanuk – Arnatov (Citroen C3 R5) and 52.2 seconds more ahead Devine – Hoy (Hyundai i20 R5). After Ingram on fourth place finished Herczig with many punctures this weekend.

Nucita won in ERC2 section with Super Rally and Cais won with more than seven minutes ahead Griebel in ERC3 section. Nucita become also champion in Abarth Rally Cup.