Old winner and champions in Nova Gorica

Nikolay Gryazin, young talented driver from Russia, won on eight edition of MAHLE Rally Nova Gorica. This is his second win on this event and also this time he won with more than one minute ahead other drivers but didn’t won on all stages.

Super special stage win went into Ondrej Bisaha’s hands as winner on this event in last season. Two special stages wins got Boštjan Avbelj, who finished second overall, but won in slovenian national section. Second place (and third overall) was enough for Rok Turk, who got third championship title.

Turk won also in Mitropa Rally Cup section, where from top five drivers all finished, just Gergely Fogasy had really hard crash on Friday. So battle is still open.

But battle is closed also in croatian national championship after Krisztian Hideg won on this event. Just nine crews counted for championship and just five of them finished event. Viliam Prodan got ten minutes penalties so he decided to retired personally.

Two events are more in slovenian championship this season and in all divisions are still open battles, except in division 2, where champion became again Tim Novak in Opel Adam R2.

Top 10 standings on 8. MAHLE Rally Nova Gorica 2019:
1. Gryazin N. – Fedorov Y. ( Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 ) 1:19:01.0
2. Avbelj B. – Andrejka D. ( Škoda Fabia R5 ) +1:09.5
3. Turk Rok – Kacin Blanka ( Hyundai i20 R5 ) +1:20.9
4. Bisaha O. – Těšínský P. ( Ford Fiesta R5 ) +2:21.6
5. Gassner jun. H. – Mayrhofer U. ( Hyundai i20 R5 ) +2:39.2
6. Klausz K. – Csányi B. ( Škoda Fabia R5 ) +3:00.8
7. Hideg K. – Kerék I. ( Škoda Fabia R5 ) +4:15.9
8. Lovász Pál – Kürti T. ( Škoda Fabia R5 ) +5:45.8
9. Rådström D. – Johansson J. ( Ford Fiesta R2T19 ) +6:20.9
10. Gassner sen. H. – Thannhäuser K. ( Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X R4 ) +6:54.7