Rok Turk will continue succes in Europe

Rok Turk and Blanka Kacin, crew from Team Hyundai Slovenija, will continue their succes in European Rally Trophy in central european area. With Hyundai i20 R5, preperated from Friulmotor team, will compete on Rallye Weiz in Austria next weekend from 19. 7. to 20. 7. 2019.

Turk is on fourth place overall with one win on first three events in ERT classification. Ahead him are of course three czech drivers, who got many points from two events in Czechia. With win in ERT classification on Rally Weiz can be first overall before three events until finish of season, one is also Rally Nova Gorica in Slovenia.

But he won’t have easy job, because in ERT classification on Rallye Weiz will be competing also Ondrej Bisaha (Fiesta R5), Johannes Keferbock (Fabia R5) and young Kevin Raith in Peugeot 208 T16.

For overall win will be in battle of course Julian Wagner (Fabia R5) and Hermann Neubauer in Fiesta R5. In Austrian Rally Trophy will compete Gunther Knobloch and Daniel Fischer, both in Fabia R5. In Škoda Fabia S2000 will be competing Gernot Zeiringer and Stefan Fritz.

On entry lst we can find also 38 crews in historic cars, because this event is also part of European Historic Rally Championship:

1. leg 19.7.2019
SS1 Koglhof 1 (14.25 km) 13:35
SS2 Strallegg 1 (10.77 km) 14:25
SS3 Anger Sprint (5.75 km) 15:20
Service A – 30 min 16:20
SS4 Koglhof 2 (14.25 km) 17:25
SS5 Strallegg 2 (10.77 km) 18:15
SS6 RK Anger (15.99 km) 19:10

2. leg 20.7.2019
Service B – 30 min 20. 7. 06:05
SS7 Thannhausen 1 (12.50 km) 07:00
SS8 Gollersattel 1 (12.87 km) 08:10
SS9 Thannhausen 2 (12.50 km) 09:35
SS10 Gollersattel 2 (12.87 km) 10:45
Service C – 100 min 12:05
SS11 RK Naas 1 (9.77 km) 14:00
SS12 Fladnitz 1 (10.38 km) 15:00
SS13 RK Naas 2 (9.77 km) 16:20
SS14 Fladnitz 2 [Power Stage] 10.38 km 17:20