What happened on Rally Velenje?

This year’s edition of Rally Velenje was one of the craziest in event history. At first entry list was full of great cars, some new and old-knowing drivers, who are back on scene.

Back in racing was Mitja Klemenčič, slovenian champion from 2003 season, who drove new Ford Fiesta Proto, but seven years of pause was too long and he was just learning to get feeling back.

Bigger surprise was Boštjan Avbelj (Škoda Fabia R5), who drove his first rally in his racing career. With low starting position won already on first stage. With puncture on SS5 lost general lead but with 5/6 wins in day 2 won event with 39.1 seconds ahead Andras Hadik (Ford Fiesta R5) and 50.2 seconds ahead Rok Turk (Hyundai i20 R5). Also Turk had puncture on penultimate stage yesterday and lost his second place and win in Mitropa Rally Cup, where than won Hadik.

Surface was on luck completely dry so conditions were the same for all crews. First time in slovenian championship was on podium proto rally car with Peljhan behind the wheel of his VW Polo RN4.

First in division 2 was again Tim Novak in Opela Adam R2, but again was very close Jernej Fakin in Peugeot 208 R2. Just 19.3 seconds seperate them after 103,3 kilometers of special stages. Again on this event was Marko Grossi third in this division in his Citroen C2 R2 Max.

Rok Jerkič (MG ZR 105) once again won in division 1, but close battle was for second place between Franci Božič and Bojan Velkavrh. On the end twenty seconds seperate Jerkič, Velkavrh (VW Polo) on second place and Božič (Škoda Fabia) on third place.

Division 3 was the only division where weren’t three different car brands on podium. Matjaž Zupančič won in BMW M3 E36 ahead Domen Agnič (BMW M3 E30) and Janko Aubreht (Renault Clio RS), who won in division 4.

Domen Agnič won once again in this season in slovenian historic section and Mitropa Historic Rally Cup, now two minutes ahead Openauer (Ford Escort) and Merencsics (Suzuki Swift).

Tine Koren won again in Yugo Cup ahead his brother Blaž Koren and Marko Anželak.

Event runs perfectly, without any issue. New itinerary was really good, service park position was perfect and weather give us perfect racing weekend.