Hadik leads, Avbelj surprised all

Andras Hadik and Krisztian Kertesz in Ford Fiesta R5 leads after first day on 34. AMTK Rally Velenje in Slovenia.

They won on just two special stages, four other stages today won Boštjan Avbelj for who is this first rally in his racing career. Driver from circuit racing with codriver Damijan Andrejka and car Škoda Fabia R5 are now just 3.4 seconds behind leaders.

Rok Turk and Blanka Kacin, winners from first event in slovenian championship are 7.4 seconds behind on third place. Not a far away is Ferenc Kiss on fourth place, half of minute behind Rok Turk. On top ten places are Gergely Fogasy (P5), Janos Puskadi (P6), Darko Peljhan (P7), Hermann Gassner (P8), Enrico Windich (P9) and Tim Novak (P10).

Tim Novak is also leader in division 2, but just eleven seconds ahead Jernej Fakin. Marko Grossi is on third place, half of minute behind leader.

Rok Jerkič leads in division 1, but close battle is between Franci Božič and Bojan Velkavrh for second place. For now is Božič just 1.6 second ahead Velkavrh.

Close battle is also in division 3, where Matjaž Zupančič leads with just 5.5 seconds ahead Jaka Valant and 27.5 seconds ahead Domen Agnič. But Agnič leads in Mitropa Historic Rally Cup with more than one minute ahead Muradore and Openauer.

Janko Aubreht is the only competitior in division 4 after all others retired. Again in this season leads Tine Koren in Yugo Cup, now with minute ahead Marko Anželak and his brother Blaž Koren.

Tommorow are on schedule sixt more stages, 3x SS Laze – Šentilj and 3x SS Vinska Gora.