After twenty or more years back in racing car

Sixteen legendary slovenian drivers and also some codrivers meets today on 1. Rallyshow Legend in Slovenia, great organizated event from Autosport Jazon team from Vrhnika.

Some drivers were first time on gravel surface, some drivers first time without codriver and some drivers first time racing in laps.
But all drivers raced today with the same cars, Suzuki Baleno 4×4, prepared from Autosport Jazon. Conditions in arena Verd were very muddy and wet, but still enough good prepared so there weren’t a big damages on cars or a lot of punctures. Also just two or three little mistakes from drivers so event run perfectly for first time.

The least mistakes on shakedown made Mitja Holynski, who made a great time, two seconds ahead other drivers.
There were two stages with 4 laps in arena. Winner was driver with the fastest lap (0,7km) from both stages. Holynski was the fastest also on first stage, just 0.16 second ahead Drago Božič and 0.22 second ahead Martin Črtalič.

Almost all drivers improved their times on second stage, but Holyinski wasn’t the fastest now. The fastest on second stage was Martin Črtalič (48.03) ahead Holynski (48.35) and Zvonimir Blažun (49.12) so Črtalič won event ahead Blažun and Holynski.

Final results:
1. Črtalič Martin 48.03
2. Blažun Zvonimir 48.35
3. Holynski Mitja 49.12
4. Zonta Drago 49.61
5. Vidic Andrej 49.62
6. Dekleva Slavko 50.17
7. Milavec Janez 50.29
8. Božič Drago 50.62
9. Repovš Andrej 50.69
10. Zrnec Romana 50.71
11. Jereb Janez 51.15
12. Urbančič Janez 52.30
13. Ponikvar Ignacij 52.51
14. Čuček Vojko 53.20
15. Kožar Marko 55.72
16. Brišnik Matjaž 1:01.73

Smiles and also serious competitions between them was really nice to see and we hope that will be the same next year!