All about 1.Rallyshow Legend

After many years of serious racing and battles between them will many slovenian rally legends compete again on first Rallyshow Legend this Sunday on Vrhnika.

We can find 25 drivers and some codrivers on entry list, who will all compete in the same car, Suzuki Baleno 4×4.

Entry list:

Zrnec Romana
Božič Drago
Brišnik Matjaž
Črnivec Aleš
Črtalič Tine
Čuček Vojko
Dekleva Slavko
Holinsky Mitja
Hribar Valentin
Jereb Janez
Jordan Ivan
Kožar Marko
Küzmič Brane
Lulik Silvan
Milavec Janez
Pavlič Alojz
Ponikvar Nace
Pušnik Aleš
Repovž Andrej
Stolli Luciano
Šuster Dagmar
Urbančič Janez
Vidic Andrej
Zonta Drago
Zorc Marjan

Drivers will drive 3,5 kilometers long shakedown at 9:20 and than race at 12:00. They will drive seven laps on gravel surface in arena quarry Verd and winner will be driver with the fastest lap. There will be also regularity competition between them but in general event is meeting of them after many years.

So if you want to see ex slovenian drivers from yugoslavian rally championship, come into Vrhnika this Sunday 12.5.2019.