Habaj with first ERC win

Lukasz Habaj and Daniel Dymurski won their first event in European Rally Championship! They were closest in 2017 season, when they finished on third place on Rally Liepaja. There won just one special stage, but with clever driving won in their Škoda Fabia R5.

But the best and also not so much luckly weekend had crews Alexey Lukyanuk and Alexey Arnatov in their new Citroen C5 R5. They won on 9/15 stages and were leaders up to SS13, where they got slow punture. They drove a big distance with damaged wheel and didn’t noticed that wheel damaged also brakes hose. Due this technical failure they lost brakes on next last special stage and had a big rollover. On luck, crew was ok.

Second, as last year, were Ricardo Moura in Škoda Fabia R5, just eight seconds behind winner. After struggling with puncture and with himself, Chris Ingram managed to finish event on third place overall. Very fast on last very wet day with three stage wins was Ricardo Teodosio in another Škoda Fabia R5, but still not enough to beat Bruno Magalhaes on P4 in Hyundai i20 R5.

ERC3 win went also in fresh new hands. Efren Llarena won first time, almost one minute ahead Sindre Furuseth, both in Peugeot 208 R2. Third finished Elias Lundberg in Opel Adam R2. The same classification was also in ERC3 Junior section. In ERC1 Junior section won Ingram ahead Tsouloftas (Fabia R5) and Correia (Fiesta R5).

Very strange battle was in ERC2 section, where technical failures were the main problem. Three crews were on start, but Pimentel was excluded already before start. On start of first day had Alonso a lot of troubles with his Lancer Evo X (punctures, cluth failure, hit a wall,…) and Remennik in the same car had already seven minutes leading ahead his rival. But on last stage of Day 1, Remennik retired, because his car didn’t started. His mechanics found a problem and than he was one minute faster on Day 2, but on penultimate stage of event had again problems with transmission and he just drove to the end of event to get first points in this season.

In ERC Ladies section was on start just Catie Munnings in Peugeot 208 R2, but had accident on SS12.