Wagner is winner of Rally Show Santa Domenica

We got second austrian winner of Rally Show Santa Domenica. On ninth edition of this event won Simon Wagner with codriver Gerald Winter in Škoda Fabia R5.

They won with 18.4 seconds ahead crew Kovacs – Istovics in Ford Fiesta R5 and 10.8 seconds more ahead Olle – Olle in Škoda Fabia R5. Seven crews in top 10 were from Hungary.

Once again, swedish driver Mattias Ledin (Peugeot 208 R2), finished first in class Pro Sport with almost two minutes ahead Dario Šamec (Peugeot 206 RC) and Vladica Rabrenović (Peugeot 208 R2).

Hungarian dominance was in RWD class, where eight hungarian drivers finished in top 10 places. With more than one minute ahead others finished Arpad Stepan (Lada VFTS) ahead Balazs Zarandok and Peter Stefan, both in BMW E36.

Slovenian brother’s dominance was in Sprint class, where Nejc Mrak in Suzuki Swift GTi won ahead older brother Jan Mrak in MG ZR 105. Also third place went into Slovenia, where finished Rok Bodlaj with Škoda Fabia 1.4.