New stage will decide new slovenian champion?

After many seasons of already knowing special stages on Rally Idrija is time for completely new stage – SS Dole. It’s not knowing yet oficial route, but with 13.6 kilometers lenght has to be started in Sp.Idrija, going through Dole and finished in Godovič. It will be first stage on Sunday morning and will be repeated three times.

Other two stages are already good knowing to drivers ad spectators. Short first one is SS Idrija (2.16 km) which one will be repeated two times on Saturday evening.

Second one is SS Zadlog with “standard” 1.5 laps, which is very fast for drivers and nice for spectators, who can see cars twice on the same place. Two repeats of this stage will be in Sunday.

Slovenian rally championship is not finished yet. Rok Turk is on lead with four wins (127 points) ahead Claudio De Cecco with one win (109.5 points). If Turk will retired in Idrija, De Cecco has to be at least second to get championship title. But statistic says nothing good for De Cecco. Turk was faster than he on both knowing stages last year – SS Idrija and SS Zadlog.

If Turk won, it will be his third win on this event and will be equalized with Aleks Humar. Two wins have another local driver Darko Peljhan.

Entry list will be published tommorow on 22.10.2018, itinerary is already known:

Saturday, 27.10.2018:
SS1 Idrija 1 (2.16 km) 15:15
Service A – 30 min 16:20
SS2 Idrija 2 (2.16 km) 17:05
Service B – 45 min 17:45

Sunday, 28.10.2018:
Service C – 15 min 09:05
SS3 Dole 1 (13.60 km) 09:43
SS4 Zadlog 1 (16.35 km) 10:21
Service D – 30 min 11:26
SS5 Dole 2 (13.60 km) 12:19
SS6 Zadlog 2 (16.35 km) 12:57
Service E – 30 min 14:02
SS7 Dole 3 (13.60 km) 14:55