Kopecky is still on lead?

Drama continued also in WRC2 and WRC3 sections on Rally Turkey Marmaris. Jan Kopecky was on lead after punctures on first leg, but on SS10 broke driveshaft on his Škoda Fabia R5.

He wasn’t alone, who lost the lead on this stage. Julius Tannert in WRC3 section also rolled his Ford Fiesta R2T and have to retired after service. Then it was close battle with Torn and Bergkvist, but Bergkvist lost half of minute on last stage yesterday. He is now 25.3 seconds behind Torn and safe with five minutes ahead Radstrom.

Different story with leader was in WRC2 section, where Kopecky is back on lead. Before service, he was one minute behind Ingram in private Škoda Fabia R5. But already on next 34.24 kilometers long stage was fastest almost one minute than Ingram, but still slower than Kajetanowicz, who had also great weekend and was on third position in WRC2 section.
Than Tempestini in Citroen C3 R5 won on SS12 and was just 6.4 seconds behind Kajetanowicz. The end of drama? No.

On last stage Ingram got puncture, lost lead and fell on P3. Unfortunately also Kajetanovwicz had power steering issuses on his Ford Fiesta R5 and fell on P4. Kopecky won this stage and took the lead back ahead Tempestini (+44.5) and Ingram (+1:32.3).