49 crews on Serbia Rally

Organizators of 51. edition of Serbia Rally expect 49 crews on their event, which will be from 21.9. to 23.9.2018.

Because event counts also for European Rally Trophy and bulgarian national championship will be there seventeen crews from Bulgaria. On this event will be present also two romanian crews, one also with R5 rally car – Dan Girtofan and Tudor Marza with number 1 on their Škoda Fabia R5. With the same car will be present also bulgarian crew Miroslav Angelov – Nedialko Sivov. But we should’t forget on fast drivers in other cars: four drivers will be with R2 and three with N4/R4 rally cars.

There will be also two crews from Slovenia. Rok Bodlaj and Boštjan Sušnik will drive Škoda Fabia 1.4, Tine Koren and Tjaša Medvešek will sit in Zastava Yugo 65.