Croatia Rally is canceled, new date for Rally Poreč?


We are still waiting on offical confirmation, but it seems that Croatia Rally is canceled. Event should be counted for Central European Zone for rally, slovenian and croatian national rally championship, bulgarian Hyundai Trophy and slovenian Yugo Cup, but event is on website of croatian federation for autosport marked as canceled.

There was already list with preetries, but nobody knows nothing about it. Also organizators of other competitions.

Second “confirmation” of canceled event is that croatian federation of autosport confirmed new date for Rally Poreč, which should be in November. New date is exactly on the same date as Croatia Rally. Rally Poreč has also chances to countig for CEZ and slovenian rally championship.

For now seems that croatian drivers will have “just” five events in their championsip and the same could be for slovenian drivers.