Again more than hundred entries for Rally Nova Gorica

Organizators of Rally Nova Gorica done again great job with entries on their event, which will be from 6. – 8. 9. 2018, We can find 103 crews from Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Croatia and Austria due event counts for ERT, Mitropa Rally Cup, croatian national championship and of course slovenian national championship.

Back from last edition of this event with R5 rally cars are Ondrej Bisaha (Ford Fiesta), Rok Turk (Peugeot 208), Claudio De Cecco (Hyundai i20), Federico Laurencich (Ford Fiesta), Gergely Fogasy (Peugeot 208) and Krisztian Hideg (Škoda Fabia). New ones with R5 rally cars are Tomas Pospisilik (Škoda Fabia), Szabolcs Varkonyi (Hyundai i20) and Stefan Gottig (Škoda Fabia).

But we shouldn’t forget also on other drivers with other powerful cars in Mitsubishi Lancer (Herman Gassner, Martin Kainz, Janos Szilagyi, Igor Žbogar and others), Volkswagen Polo (Darko Peljhan) and R2 rally cars (Alex Humar, Tim Novak, Jernej Fakin, Denis Mrevlje, Marko Grossi,…).

Surpise is first slovenian performance with RGT rally car. Matjaž Župančič will drive Abarth 124 Rally RGT. With the same car is coming also Mascha Mularo from Italy.