Difficult Barum Czech Rally Zlin

How difficult is racing on the biggest event in Czech Republic, Barum Czech Rally Zlin, says statistics that every year were there between 40 – 60 retirements. Also this year isn’t any different than other years. There are already about 40 retirements with also Herczig (accident), Pech (technical), Yates (accident), Neubauer (suspension), Odložilnik (technical), Nucita (accident) and many others.

There are also so many punctures. Just both russian drivers (Lukyanuk and Gryazin) didn’t get puncture from Top5 drivers. Just Kopecky got three punctures, but he is still on second position after five stage wins. He is now 16.8 seconds behind Lukyanuk as leader and 16.5 seconds ahead Gryazin on third place. Sordo is for now 17.2 seconds behind podium places.

Erdi junior is the only driver who competes in ERC2. For now is still in the race. Little higher lead has Sesks in ERC3 and ERC junior U27 section. He leads with 41.5 seconds ahead Wagner and 52.6 seconds more ahead Kristensson.

Gryazin leads in ERC junior U28 with one minute ahead Mareš and 11.3 seconds more ahead Kreim. Still close after his mistake on SS2 is also Ingram, who is just 17.5 seconds behind Kreim.

Munnings leads in ERC Ladies section, where her opponent Falcon retired on SS7.

Little surprise is in RGT Cup, where Tempestini leads ahead Astier, who has already two wins in this cup this season. The only one more is Nešetril on third place, because both two others retired due accident (Nucita and Rada).