Fourth win for Turk!

Amazing season is this year for Rok Turk and Blanka Kacin. They won on fourth event in slovenian rally championship, now on Rally Železniki.

Fifty seconds behind finished Claudio De Cecco and 43.5 seconds more Andrea Nucita. Aleks Humar on P4 won in division 1 and 5.

In division 3 won Aleš Zrinski (BMW M3 E36) and Simon Mlinar (Renault Clio RS) in division 4.

Close battle was between Martin Štucin (Škoda Felicia Kit Car) and Boštjan Logar (MG ZR 105) in division 1. Logar won with 11.1 seconds ahead Štucin and almost five minutes ahead Alen Lampe in Volkswagen Polo 1.4.

Another close battle was also in Yugo cup, where Blaž Koren won ahead Tine Koren with just 12.5 seconds between them.