Ogier almost without points from Sardegna

Sebastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia made a little mistake during Rally Italia Sardegna this weekend.

They left their time card on Stop Control of SS19. On their luck was behind them their ex teammates Ott Tanak and Martin Jarveoja, who bring them time card to next Time Control. Little surprise from Tanak, but this is rally, where is all possible.

But stewards saw this and give Ogier – Ingrassia penalty, where they lost all points from this event. Penalty was suspensed later but it will be applied if crew will repeat before the end of season. New steward decision was fine with 10.000€.

Ott Tanak also changed overall position. He got 40 seconds penalty after last stage when he was late on next Time Control. He lost one place and finished on P9 overall. Jan Kopecky got his eight place overall.