INA Delta Rally – Entry list and itinerary

Two days of racing are on schedule next weekend from 08. – 09.06.2018 around Zagreb in Croatia. Four stage on Friday and sixt more on Saturday are on itinerary for 44. INA Delta Rally.

Much bigger is number of competitors on entry list, which could be the biggest number after more than ten seasons. Event counts for croatian national rally championship, European Rally Trophy and Alpe Adria Rally Cup / Trophy. We can find 67 crews on it and it is nice to see that kind of big number of croatian drivers again on entry list.

With R5 rally car will be driving Juraj Šebalj (Hyundai i20) and Krisztian Hideg (Škoda Fabia) as main rivals in croatian championship. From Czech Republic are coming Ondrej Bisaha (Ford Fiesta) and Tomaš Pospišilik (Škoda Fabia). From Italy is on entry list with last R5 rally car Bernd Zanon (Peugeot 208).

Darko Peljhan will be diving once again Volkswagen Polo NR4, but he isn’t the only driver from Slovenia. There will be also Marko Grossi (Citroen C2 R2 Max), Daniele Trani (Renault Clio RS) and Tomaž Kavčič with his Peugeot 208 R2. From really far away, from Great Britain, is coming David Asburn with Mitsubishi Lancer. With another Lancer will be there Janos Szilagyi from Hungary.