Veni – vidi – (almost) vici

Regulations of R-GT rally cars were introduced already in 2011, but after 2014 can be obtained technical passports for individual vehichles. Homologation exist f.e. Lotus Exige, some Porsche models and since 2017 also for Abarth 124 Rally.

This was Abarth’s comeback in rally after fourty years. First official race was Rallye Monte-Carlo in 2017 season, where Fabio Andolfi retired due accident damage. One year later with the same rally car come Andrea Nucita on Rally Vipavska dolina. With late entry he got number 75, but started as seventh.

With 1.8l engine, six-speed sequential gearbox and 300 HP on rear wheels he was four times third, one time second and won also last stage yesterday. He finished on third place overall.

But this wasn’t the first time with R-GT rally car on slovenian stages. In 2014 season Wolfram Thull come with Porsche 996 GT3 on Rally Saturnus. We hope that this wasn’t the last time to see this powerful car on slovenian roads.