Before start in Ajdovščina

There are some changes for eight edition of Rally Vipavska dolina – good and bad ones.

Photo by fb page 8. rally Vipavska dolina

The bad one is that Darko Peljhan won’t be present with new Volkswagen Polo Proto, because car isn’t ready so he will be driving Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X. But you could see one example of proto rally car today on superspecial stage in Ajdovščina, where one of course car will be from Dytko Sport.

Nice surprise made also Andrea Nucita, who is driving Abarth 124 Rally RGT in WRC RGT Cup. He will be driving with number 75 on doors, but he will be seventh on start.

Little changes are also in itinerary, but just with distances of stages:
SSS Ajdovščina: 3.9km -> 3.73km
SS Žablje: 8.3km -> 8.7km
SS Erzelj: 8.2km -> 8.3km

We can expect great battles in general classification (Turk, De Cecco, Puskadi, Peljhan, Zanon, Rigler, Nucita, Szilagyi,…) and also in all divisions.

After seven seasons we have the highest number of competitors in division 2! Twelve crews on start were on Rally Saturnus 2011 so it was time to have again battles in this division.