Azores Rallye – Entry list

Entry list for first event in new season of European Rally Championship is out!
We can find 76 crews on entry list for 53. Azores Airlines Rallye 2018 without Kajetan Kajetanowich on it.

But there are Magalhaes (2nd in 2017), Lukyanuk (2nd in 2016) and Griebel (ERC junior U28 champion in 2017). Marijan Griebel will be driving Peugeot 208 T16 after last season in Škoda Fabia R5.
There are also some national champions as Lukasz Habaj (Poland), Carlos Viera (Portugal), Ricardo Moura (Portugal, Azores), Fabian Kreim (Germany), Norbert Herczig (Hungary), Hermann Neubauer (Austria),…

Some of drivers decided to step up from “lower” classes. Chris Ingram will be driving in Škoda Fabia R5 and Tamara Molinaro in Ford Fiesta R5.

There will be also some drivers who were competing already in World Rally Championship: Fredrik Ahlin, Jaroslaw Koltun, Pierre-Louis Loubet, Hubert Ptaszek, Paulo Nobre, Martin Koči and others.

In ERC2 will be “standard” drivers: Erdi junior, Melegari and Remennik. Little different situation is in ERC3 with some fresh faces: Tom Kristensson, Martinš Sesks, Simon Wagner and others: