Snow fun for opening new croatian season

It is all ready for opening new season in croatian rally championship.
AK Delta Sport will be organizating 7. Rally Kumrovec this weekend from 03.03. – 04.03.2018.


Drivers will be driving on two different stages, which ones will be repated twice with 41,3 kilometers total distance of stages:

SS1 Kumrovec 1 (11.67 km) 10:09
Service A (30min) 11:14
SS2 Kumrovec 2 (11.67 km) 11:52
Service B (30min) 13:57
SS3 Zagorska sela 1 (8.98 km) 14:40
Service C (30min) 15:45
SS4 Zagorska sela 2 (8.98 km) 16:28
Service D (10min) 16:43

Rally Kumrovec 2018 – Rally guide

We can find on entry list 56 crews from Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia and also Romania. There are 3/4 winners of this event – Mayr-Melnhof, Hideg and Szilagyi. Szilagyi is also one of four competitiors who was driving on all editions of this event. With R5 car is on entry list Antal Kovacs, Janos Puskadi and Acco Lino.

There are missing rivals for championship title from last season – Juraj Šebalj and Viliam Prodan. Prodan’s codriver will be driving Lancer EVO IX on this event.

From Austria are also two interesting rally cars – Škoda Fabia S2000 (Stefan Fritz) and Suzuki Swift S1600 (Johannes Kafer):

From Slovenia are there two crews: Rok Turk – Blanka Kacin in Peugeot 208 R2 and Janko Aubreht – Mitja Aubreht in Renault Clio Williams.

With snow around stages (and with cutting also on them) will be very interesting challenge for drivers.