Crazy hungarian season…

Today’s PTM Glory is little different. Today’s glory goes to this season of hungarian rally championship.

Why? Let’s look a some facts:

– 7 events total (5 tarmac and 2 gravel);
– not less than 46 crews on start in ORB/ORC events;
– 15 R5 cars average on event (16, 15, 15, 12, 19, 16, 11) and almost the same was with N4 rally cars;
– on 4/7 events were on Top10 final places just R5 cars;
– there was a great fight between Herczig and Hadik;
– four different winners on seven events;
– not less than 13 crews in historic and 26 crews in Rallye2 sections.

You are still sceptic?