Gerh and Rabasović are champions

It was really disappointing this season in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s rally championship and cup. Competitors of this championship and cup had four events – just one in their country (Rally Jahorina), two in Croatia ( Rally Opatija and INA Delta Rally) and one far away in Slovenia (Rally Idrija).

Just one competitor finished successfully this season. Miro Gerh was first in Rally Opatija with Peugeot 208 R2 and third on Rally Jahorina with Zastava Yugo. He become overall champion in this championship. There also aren’t any winners in four divisions.

Little better story is in cup, where can compete also drivers from other countries. There was almost winner a slovenian driver (Grega Premrl or Daniele Trani), but competitors in this cup had to driving also on Rally Jahorina. So winner in cup become Goran Rabasović (Peugeot 205 Rallye) from Serbia. Final overall standings:

1. Goran Rabasović (SRB) 31 points
2. Dejan Krčevinac (SRB) 25
3. Anton Sitar (SVN) 18
4. Tomo Nikitović (SRB) 12
4. Miro Gerh (BIH) 12
6. Nihad Alić (SVN) 10
7. Renato Živković (BIH) 8
8. Armin Mujkanović (BIH) 6