11. Rally Idrija 2017 – Entry list

Unfortunately is time for last event in slovenian rally championship in season 2017 – 11. Rally Idrija 2017

But this event will be interesting because it will bring champion from this season, so there are all “important drivers” on entry list:

Rok Turk has 114,5 points and Claudio De Cecco is just 14 points behind him. Also Grega Premrl has just 13,5 points lead ahead Aleks Humar in division 2. Aleš Zrinski is already became champion in division 3.

Best battle we can expect again in division 1, where Jan Mrak and Simon Mlinar have equal points in championship standings. Also Boštjan Logar on third place has chance to win in this division, he is 20,5 points behind the leaders.

All that drivers are on entry list for Rally Idrija, where will be also some drivers from other countries. Because this event counts also for Bosnia and Herzegovina championship and cup, will be there crew Miro Gerh – Dražen Komarica (Peugeot 208 R2) and Dejan Krčevinac – Dejan Golič (Renault Clio Williams).
But this won’t be te only crew from outside of Slovenia. From Hungary will be there driver Janos Szilagyi (Lancer Evo IX), from Italy Alessandro Glessi (Renault Clio S1600) and two drivers from Austria: Gernot Zeiringer (Opel Adam R2) and Enrico Windisch (Citroen C2 R2 Max).

With new cars will be there Tim Novak (Opel Adam R2), Martin Mlinar (Peugeot 208 R2) and Miro Perat (MG ZR 105).

Itinerary wasn’t published yet, but the main program will be like this:

Saturday 28.10.2017
SS Idrija 1 – 15:15
SS Idrija 2 – 17:05

Sunday 29.10.2017
SS Čekovnik 1 – 09:38
SS Zadlog 1 -10:31
SS Čekovnik 2 – 12:24
SS Zadlog 2 – 13:17
SS Čekovnik 3 – 15:10

Event is moved on Saturday – Sunday, but stages are the same as on previous years:

SS Idrija

SS Zadlog

SS Čekovnik