Interesting fights in divisions

It was really nice to watch interesting fights in all divisions of slovenian rally championship on 6. PETROL Rally Nova Gorica 2017.

In Division 1 were competing 27 crews, but the fastest crew was Jan Mrak – Luka Kuštrin with MG ZR 105. Mrak had fight with local drivers as Luka Kos and Erik Bernik, both with Volkswagen Polo – but both retired.
Very fast was also Martin Štucin (Škoda Felicia Kit Car) but he made some little mistakes and had some little tehnical problems but he managed to hold third position. Ahead him finished Rok Jerkič with MG ZR 105 who was fast in Day 2. Top 10 places in Division 1:

1. Mrak Jan – Kuštrin Luka ( MG ZR 105 ) 1:45:12.0
2. Jerkič Rok – Prelaz Kristjan ( MG ZR 105 ) +34.0
3. Štucin Martin – Maver Gregor ( Škoda Felicia Kit Car ) +1:04.1
4. Mlinar S. – Velkavrh Gorenc N. ( Volkswagen Polo 1.4 ) +2:04.9
5. Logar Boštjan – Štrovs Nejc ( MG ZR 105 ) +2:34.9
6. Jereb Jure – Vidmar Boštjan ( Volkswagen Polo 1.4 ) +3:58.4
7. Bratož Aljaž – Stopar Marko ( Zastava Yugo 65 ) +6:58.1
8. Perat Miroslav – Perat Miha ( Volkswagen Polo 1.4 ) +7:38.4
9. Starc Matej – Dessardo Tadej ( Peugeot 106 Rallye ) +8:38.4
10. Saksida Saša – Ličen Aleš ( Škoda Felicia Kit Car ) +9:56.2

There was fight also in Division 2 after long time. Aleks Humar (Peugeot 208 R2) as winner in this division had a little hard work this weekend. One stage win went to local driver Denis Mrevlje (Peugeot 208 R2) who finished second and three stage wins to Grega Premrl (Citroen DS3 R3T) on third place who had some brakes problems on Day 1.

It was looked very good for fight in Divison 3 and 4, but Aleš Zrinski in BMW M3 E36 was once again unbeatable. He won in Divison 3, but on very good way to fight to him were four drivers. Three of them had accident: Vasja Miklavčič (Renault Clio RS) on SS6, Matic Humar (Renault Clio RS) on SS8 and Domen Agnič (BMW M3 E30) on SS9. Slavko Komel had perfect weekend with technical on his Opel Astra GSi 16V but lost some time on the longest stages. He was second in Divison 3 and first in Divison 4. Kristjan Širok finished one place behind Komel in both divisons with a little engine problems on his Peugeot 306.

It was really nice to saw many competitiors in Yugo Cup, where all crews successfully finished this event. Aljaž Bratož has perfect season this year and he won fourth time in this cup. Second again was Blaž Benčina. Tomaž Šuligoj finished on third place.