Where to go around Nova Gorica this weekend?

Twelve stages will be on schedule this weekend on 6. PETROL Rally Nova Gorica 2017.


Tommorow on Friday 08.09.2017 will be three different stages – SS Kromberk and SS Ravnica (GEN-I) are the same, just direction of driving is different.
SS Kambreško is second longest on this event wit 22.18 kilometers and will be real challenge for technic and drivers.

On Day 2 on Saturday will be first stage SS Lig, who is the longest stage with 22.83 kilometers and it is more than half the same as SS Kambreško but with opposite direction. SS Morsko and SS Banjšice are the same from previous editions of this event and are very close each others.

More interesting points you can find here:

Map with interesting spectator points

First time in Slovenia are on available VIP entrance passes, where you can get a lot of different stuff. You can buy it here:


First time after many years will be also entrance fee (5€ on person) for spectators BUT just on one section of SS Kromberk / SS Ravnica: