It is time for jumps!

Last year edtion of Rally Finland was the fastest WRC event in history. With new ’17 specification of rally cars, record could be broken this year again.

Twelve “standard” ’17 WRC cars will be on start + also Ostberg and Suninen again with the same specification of this fast rally cars.
In Citroen’s team will be presents Meeke, Breen and Al-Quassimi – other teams will had “standard” drivers.

With old specification of WRC car will be presents Gorban (Mini) and Raoux (Citroen):

Rally Finland 2017 – Entry list

Action will be started tomorrow with shakedown at 8:00 and superspecial stage Harju at 19:00 on local time:

Rally Finland 2017 – Itinerary

As we can see from videos from tests, this event will be full of “pedal to the metal” moments: