Best action for now

Veszprem Rallye was the best event for us until now in this season. Amazing stages, amazing start list and great position of service area.

We just don’t like when we must to use word “but”, because there was a huge mistake in itinerary. We really don’t know what organizators were thinking, because this was really “school mistake”. First stage was started at 16:10 on Saturday, before that was a big rain storm and there were really hard road conditions for drivers and also cars. But second stage was on itinerary at 18:00. We really don’t know why. There were 64 crews on start, which started with two minutes gap between them. So theoretical finish of first stage must be at 18:18. Also in Day 2 was the same problem. First stage was cancelled due accident of zero car. So whole itinerary was changed with 30 minutes delay. On our and on drivers luck there wasn’t rain in second day of racing.

As we already wrote, event included a really nice stages with a lot of spectator interesting places to watch driving on the limit on gravel surface.
We liked also position of service area, because it wasn’t in the center of town and was easy to find it. It is really nice to have all on one place (service area, toilets, parc ferme, press, etc.).

Racing cars are prepared on really high level. Yes, there were also little destroyed cars but just due rough conditions on stages. Also many rear bumpers had losted on stages. 

About race – there was a great fight between drivers. It it little shame for Herczig’s puncture on second stage, because fight could be more interesting. But he won four stages on this event and finished on fourth place overall, so his speed was really on the limit. Two stage wins went to Andras Hadik, who also lost more than one minute on SS2, also due tire problem. He finished on P6, just one second behind Miklos Kazar, both in Ford Fiesta R5.
The only one without R5 car on Top 10 places was Janos Balogh in Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX who was on third place overall after Day 1 and finished on P7 on the finish.

Ferenc Vincze junior is really constant driver. He finished fourth time on third place overall of five events in this season. One stage win went also to ex hungarian champion Balasz Benik, who was back after many seasons, had a close fight with Ranga and finished on second place overall.
Peter Ranga didn’t won any stage, but he had constant driving whole weekend without big mistakes. This is also his first overall win in hungarian rally championship. Overall classification after finish line:

1. Ranga Péter – Szöke Tamás ( Škoda Fabia R5 ) 1:02:15.9
2. Benik Balázs – Racz Bence ( Škoda Fabia R5 ) +7.4
3. Vincze Ferenc jun. – Bazsó A. ( Škoda Fabia R5 ) +47.9
4. Herczig Norbert – Bacigál I. ( Škoda Fabia R5 ) +1:00.6
5. Kazár Miklós – Ferencz R. ( Ford Fiesta R5 ) +1:07.0
6. Hadik András – Kertész K. ( Ford Fiesta R5 ) +1:08.0
7. Balogh János – Holczer D. ( Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX ) +1:22.8
8. Ranga László jun. – Tóth I. ( Škoda Fabia R5 ) +2:28.1
9. Kiss L. – Kissné Varga Z. ( Ford Fiesta R5 ) +2:30.7
10. Vizelli Károly – Nagy Péter ( Škoda Fabia R5 ) +3:10.8

Veszprem Rallye 2017 – Final results (ORB,ORC)

Winners in other sections:

ORC: Miklos Maricsek (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX)
Lada Cup R2: Ferenc Bodogan (Lada VAZ 2105)
Rallye2: Miklos Csomos (Citroen C2 R2)

Our gallery from this event (click on image):

This was our visit of hungarian rally event and we liked a lot, so we hope to get back soon as possible.