Rally Železniki 2017 – Review

We didn’t have chances yet to went on Rally Železniki, but this year we must to went on it.
First feelings? If we include that this is “just” fourth edition on this event, it was without any big mistake.

Amazing start list with four R5 cars and a big number of competitiors in Division 1 and Division 2. Vlastimil Majerčak (Ford Fiesta R5) was dominating on this event, but still didn’t have a easy work. Rok Turk (Peugeot 208 T16) was the fastest on stages three times and Claudio De Cecco (Hyundai i20 R5) two times.

4. Rally Železniki 2017 – Final results

This event was also a new record with number of competitiors in Division 2 in this season. There were competing ten crews, five of them in Peugeot 208 R2 rally car. The fastest driver was Aleks Humar (208 R2) ahead Grega Premrl (Citroen DS3 R3T) and Denis Mrevlje (208 R2). Mrevlje also finished his first event with new car after two retirements in this season. Also very fast was Simon Rončel who was driving first time R2 rally car and finished on P4 in this division.

In Division 3 was a “standard” winner – Aleš Zrinski with BMW M3 E36. But he had a close fight with Domen Agnič, until Agnič didn’t made a mistake on SS7.
Matic Humar won first time in this season in Division 4 and was also second in Division 3.

It was really good to see also a little bigger number of competitiors in Yugo Cup. Third time in this season became a winner Aljaž Bratož ahead Blaž Benčina, who was also third time in this season on second place in this cup. Third was Matija Potrata with more than seven minutes behind first two drivers.
In Historic section was the winner, second time in this season, Andrej Mrak with Zastava 850.

23 crews was competing in the biggest Divison 1 on this event: 5 MG ZR 105, 5 Volkswagen Polo, 7 Zastava Yugo, 2 Škoda Felicia Kit Car, 2 Renault Clio, 1 Škoda Fabia and 1 Peugeot 205 Rallye.
Mlinar, Mrak and Štucin were in close fight until Mlinar, Mrak and Logar got a puncture on SS4. After that Štucin hold a lead in whole event ahead Čebron (P2) and Jereb (P3):

1. Štucin Martin – Maver Gregor ( Škoda Felicia Kit Car ) 1:09:18.6
2. Čebron Janko – Drnovšček J. ( MG ZR 105 ) +1:51.4
3. Jereb Jure – Vidmar Boštjan ( Volkswagen Polo 1.4 ) +2:19.6
4. Pozvek Miha – Štrovs Nejc ( MG ZR 105 ) +3:38.0
5. Mlinar S. – Velkavrh Gorenc N. ( Volkswagen Polo 1.4 ) +4:07.5
6. Mrak Jan – Kuštrin Luka ( MG ZR 105 ) +4:22.5
7. Bratož Aljaž – Stopar Marko ( Zastava Yugo 65 ) +4:43.0
8. Savič Denis – Samsa Boštjan ( MG ZR 105 ) +4:47.9
9. Buh Domen – Kobal Rebeka ( Peugeot 205 Rallye ) +5:40.4
10. Benčina Blaž – Čuk Jordan ( Zastava Yugo 65 ) +6:09.8

What we can say about this event? It was simply great and we are really enjoyed (except two hours of waiting between last few stages). After great start list, interesting stages, all on one place in service area, we hope on new edition of this event!