Standings before Hillclimb Gorjanci

After three events out of our country is time this weekend for “home” event Hillclimb Gorjanci.
Two wins has Milan Bubnič with Lancia Delta who won in Rechberg (Austria) and Verzegnis (Italy). In Stubičke toplice (Croatia) was the winner Aleš Prek with Honda Civic Type-R.
Aleš Prek is also the leader in Division 3, Matevž Čuden in Division 2 and Primož Tavčar in Division 1. In Division 4 is the leader for now Federico Liber in Gloria C8P-Evo.

General standings in championship after three events:
1. Milan Bubnič (Lancia Delta) 68 points
2. Aleš Prek (Honda Civic Type-R) 55
3. Peter Marc (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX) 45
4. Laszlo Hernadi (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX R4) 42
5. Matevž Čuden (Renault Clio Cup) 28

After short lists of entries for first three events, there will be more competitiors in Gorjanci with also many drivers from other countries:

Hillclimb Gorjanci 2017 – Entry list

There will be two practices in Saturday and two races in Sunday:

Saturday 17.06.2017
Practice 1 – 11:00
Practice 2 – one hour after finished first practice

Sunday 18.06.2017
Race 1 – 10:00
Race 2 – 13:00