Hideg won on INA Delta Rally

Juraj Šebalj won first three stages today and also took the lead but he made a mistake on SS8 and must to retired.

Prodan didn’t start second leg due personal reasons and also Turk must to retired after clutch failure.

But Bisaha was still strong with his Fiesta R5 but not enough for fast Hideg. He won with almost one minute gap ahead Bisaha. Third placed Scharmad finished with more than four minutes behind leader.

Very successful were also slovenian crews. Marko Grossi finished on high P4 and Daniel Trani on P5.  Mitja Božič finished on P12 after bad start position on Day 1.

There were a lot of retirements, just 26 crews finished from 54 on start. Unfortunately also slovenian driver Grega Premrl who retired on last stage after he was on fifth place overall.

Hideg is now also the leader in standings for croatian rally championship. Next event for this championship is Rally Nova Gorica in Slovenia.