Lavanttal Rallye 2017 – memories

We add also gallery from 41. Lavanttal Rallye 2017:


Event was many years part of slovenian rally championship, so we could saw many slovenian spectators on stages around Wolfsberg. We could saw also a very little number of safety marshals. But organizators did a good job with safety areas and with that they didn’t had too much work with spectators. But ok, we can say that austrian spectators aren’t very “dangerous” for safety.

Stages were ok, the same as last years. We were looking for new places this year and we found it. Maybe just for drivers will be good to have some new stages in the future. There was also some gravel sections, where was interesting to saw how drivers were struggling with tarmac tires on their cars.

Itinerary was also ok, maybe just pause bettwen morning and afternoon section could be litlle bigger, because it was little time to spend in service area. But for sure we will come back next year!