Conditions on stages of Rally Vipavska dolina 2017

It is less than one month to start of season in slovenian rally championship with 7. Rally Vipavska dolina 2017 as first event. We already published itinerary with five different stages, today we give you some fresh photos from stages.

7. Rally Vipavska dolina 2017 – Itinerary

Event will be started on friday with superspecial stage in center of town Ajdovščina:

After many years will be there two new stages. SS Predmeja will be first stage on Saturday morning. It is right rally stage with at least three different styles of driving and tarmac surfaces. Little after village Lokavec, road is starting up on the hill, with open and wide road with a little “hillclimb” driving:

But as organizators said this great road won’t be a part of stage – start will be little higher, so “hillclimb version” of stage will be little shorter.

After few kilometers, stage becomes as “Rallye Monte Carlo”, with narrow road and tunnels:

After reaching of village Predmeja, road is going down with a “high speed” driving and again wide road:

Finish line will be little earlier before village Col because of high speed and safety reasons. Total stage distance is 13,4 km.

Second new stage is SS Bela (11,2km), which one will be represent with more then three kilometers of gravel surface. Last season were on this event just two kilometers total of gravel surface, this year will be 8,4km gravel surface of total 93,5km of stages. We think that start of SS Bela will be right after village Podkraj, where is the end of tarmac surface:

Stage represents with a really nice gravel surface, but it will be very slippery with tarmac tires.

After ending of gravel surface there is narrow, closed and technical road:

We think that stage won’t be finished in village Sanabor, but will be continue to Vipava town on ex SS Col stage.

This two new stages will be repeated twice on the morning, so on the afternoon will be time for “standard” stages SS Erzelj and SS Žablje. There is one onboard from SS Erzelj:

New on this stage is just this, that there isn’t any tree after little jump on the middle of stage (look on photo), so there can’t be any mistake from drivers. Conditions from the stage:

The last one and the most famous slovenian stage is SS Žablje:

There is just little repaired road on the middle of the stage, but still very slippery and somewhere “bumpy” road:

We can say that will be one of the “freshest” and interesting event after many seasons. SS Predmeja and SS Bela will be great for drivers, SS Erzelj and SS Žablje for spectators.
Roadbook and maps will be published in next weeks, official entry list on 15.04.2017.
Important note: This isn’t official route, this is just our researching and possibilities of stages.