WRC Tour de Corse – Entry list

It will be time for first tarmac event for World Rally Championship in season 2017. This will be 60. Che Guevara Energy Drink Tour de Corse 2017 on Corsica, legendary event with amazing roads with thousand turns.

Organizators already published amazing entry list with 14 WRC and 22 R5 rally cars – 83 total crews on list:

Tour de Corse 2017 – Entry list

There won’t be missing any crew from WRC competition. Citroen will bring first time their three C3 WRC on WRC event with Meeke, Breen and Lefebvre behind the wheel. Also Ostberg is back after missing in Mexico.

Romain Dumas (Porsche) and Francois Delecour will had again fight in RGT Cup. Dumas is leading in this cup after winning in Monte Carlo, where Delecour must to retired due differential issue.

Tour de Corse is also first event in JWRC section, where will be competing 10 young drivers.

But the biggest fight will be in WRC2 with 15 total drivers. Andreas Mikkelsen is back in Škoda Motorsport team with Jan Kopecky as team mate. Third Škoda official driver, Pontus Tidemand won’t be driving on Corsica.
Also Teemu Suninen (2nd in Sweden) is back in M-Sport with team mate Eric Camilli. There will be competing also Bryan Bouffier (Fiesta), Emil Bergkvist and Simone Tempestini (DS3), Fabio Andolfi (i20), Martin Koči (Fabia) and other drivers. After three events, overall standings is as follow:

1. Tidemand – 50 points
2. Camilli – 42
3. Mikkelsen -25
4. Kopecky – 18
5. Suninen – 18
6. Bergvist – 16
7. Bouffier – 15
8. Veiby – 15
9. Guerra jun. – 15
10. Heller – 12


Shakedown (Sorbo Ocagnano)5.40 km08:00
1. leg07.04.2017
SS1Pietrosella – Albitreccia 131.20 km09:22
SS2Plage du Liamone – Sarrola Carcopino 129.12 km11:14
SS3Pietrosella – Albitreccia 231.20 km14:11
SS4Plage du Liamone – Sarrola Carcopino 229.12 km16:03
Flexi Service A (45 min)20:33
2. leg08.04.2017
Service B (15 min)08:00
SS5La Porta – Valle di Rostino 148.71 km09:10
SS6Novella 117.25 km10:47
Service C (30 min)13:47
SS7La Porta – Valle di Rostino 248.71 km15:12
SS8Novella 217.25 km16:49
Flexi Service D (45 min)19:39
3. leg09.04.2017
Service E (15 min)07:15
SS9Antisanti – Poggio di Nazza53.78 km08:58
SS10Porto Vecchio – Palombaggia [Power Stage]10.42 km12:08
Event total316.76 km