Great start of new season

Kumrovec, as the center of Rally Kumrovec event, has great location on north of Croatia, almost on board with Slovenia. So organizators have little easier work to get crews on their event. Location is close also for hungarian drivers and also drivers from Austria and Italy.
Many drivers use first event in this area for test before real start in their countries.

So on entry list we can find 11 crews, which will compete in class 1.
In Croatian rally championship will compete “standard” drivers Juraj Šebalj, Tomislav Muhvić, Krisztian Hideg and Janos Szilagyi – all with Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX. The last two drivers are from Hungary, but with croatian licence. Szilagyi is three times winner of this event, Hideg is last year overall winner.
New in class 1 is Viliam Prodan, but he was already winner in this class on Rally Poreč 2016. But with Ford Fiesta R5, in Kumrovec will be driving a brand new Peugeot 208 T16 from OPV racing cars.

Photo by OPV racing cars

With the same car will be driving also slovenian driver Rok Turk. From Hungary are on entry list Antal Kovacs (Fiesta R5), Janos Puskadi (Fabia R5) and Szabolcs Varkonyi (Lancer Evo IX).
Niki Mayr-Melnhof (Fiesta R5) is coming from Austria, Lino Acco (DS3 R5) from Italy.

60 total entries are on the list, so many drivers to compete also in lower classes, also with new cars in new season. Ivica Siladić (CRO) will be driving new Opel Adam R2, Marko Grossi (SVN) new Citroen C2 R2 and Željko Milutinović (SRB) new Renault Clio.
From Slovenia will be present also Matija Koritnik (Clio Williams), Janko Čebron (MG ZR 105), Simon Rončel (Peugeot 106), Blaž Benčina (Zastava Yugo) and Andrej Mrak (Zastava 850).

6. Rally Kumrovec 2017 – Entry list