Croatian gravel party


On Sunday 27.11.2016 you could visit one of the biggest rally show in Croatia – 7. Rally Show Santa Domenica 2016.

On entry list are many interesting drivers and cars from Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Serbia and also from Sweden. 113 crews are on entry list of event, which the biggest succes had last year.

From interesting rally cars will be present: Ford Fiesta RS WRC (Gerald Rigler), Ford Fiesta R5 (Beppo Harrach, Antal Kovacs and Rok Turk), Škoda Fabia R5 (Peter Ranga), BMW 650i (Andreas Aigner), ten Mitsubishi Lancer cars, Toyota Celica GT-4, some offroad cars and buggies, Lada cars from Hungary, Mercedes 190E, Peugeot 106 Kit Car etc.

7. Rally Show Santa Domenica 2016 – Entry list

The biggest succes there had Beppo Harrach with three overall wins. Ivan Goran Čibej had two and one had croatian champion Juraj Šebalj.

General map is almost the same as previous years with also the same service location, so you can’t miss it:



SS1 Savrščak lijevi 1 ( 6.03 km ) 8:05
Service A
SS2 Savrščak lijevi 2 ( 6.03 km ) 9:50
Service B
SS3 Savrščak desni 1 ( 6.48 km ) 11:55
Service C
SS4 Savrščak desni 2 ( 6.48 km ) 13:40
Service D
SS5 Savrščak desni 3 ( 6.48 km ) 15:15
Service E

Event total ( 31.50 km )