What a finish in Idrija!

Rok turk and Martina Nartnik won 10. Rally Idrija 2016!
Four crews were in fight for win on this event with two stage wins for Peljhan – Lazar, two for Novak – Verbič and two wins for Turk – Nartnik.

Turk was the leader after Day 1, but good day had both drivers from Dirkalno društvo R team: Novak won SS3, Peljhan SS4. SS5 was cancelled due technical reasons. Novak won on SS6, but Peljhan had still lead with three seconds ahead him.

But on SS6 Novak lost 15,6 seconds and Peljhan almost three minutes (without official information what was the reason yet). So Turk won event with 3.7 seconds ahead Humar and 9.9 seconds ahead Novak.

Fourth placed Premrl Grega was more than minute behind Novak. Turk won also in Division 2, Zrinski Aleš was again without any serious competitor in Division 3 and he was also fifth overall.
Mrak Jan won in Division 1 with 28.9 seconds ahead Logar Boštjan and 49.7 seconds ahead Mlinar Simon. Crews between third and fifth place were in two seconds timing gap!
So this kind of short rallies you must to drive clean without any mistakes and pushed very hard.