Crews from far away on Rally Idrija

We already published entry list od 10. Rally Idrija 2016. On list for event, which counted “just” for Slovenian Rally Championship and Central European Championship are also some crews from other countries.
From Italy will come crew Tavano – Andrian (Honda Civic Vti) and Chiuch – Piceno (Fiat Panda Kit Car). With more powerful racing cars are coming from Austria: Klammer – Ettel (Suzuki Swift S1600), Just – Jaboring (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI) and Fritz – Kachel with legendary Renault Megane Maxi. Crazy engine sound and performance of this racing car you can see and feel also in this kind of videos:

But with more than 700 kilometers away from home will compete serbian crew Milutinović – Rabasović with Zastava Yugo. They are part of ASK Rid Sport team, which is centered in Perućac (Serbia). Crew will compete first time together and they wanted to show their performance.

Team will be present first time on slovenian event and they want to compete with other crews with Zastava Yugo with 1.3 liter engine. But this won’t be easy. There will be present sixt other crews, also this season Yugo Cup champion – Saša Saksida. But on final, they will come to have fun weekend and get some experience said Milorad Petričević, president of ASK Rid Sport.