Short rally for the finish of the season

The last event for slovenian rally championship is on schedule this weekend. There will be seven stages with 73,65 total stage distance.

We were accustomed that event were on Friday and Saturday. This year event starts on Saturday evening with short “superspecial” stage around Idrija. It will be restarted on Sunday, when two different stages will be on schedule. SS Čekovnik is technical stage, Zadlog is stage with two laps, this year without SS Idrijski log, which were just “one lap” stage.

Maybe are there little too much long services, but this is also time for fans to visit drivers and look some racing cars.


SS1 Idrija 1 2.13 km 29. 10. 2016 15:15
Service A (30min) 16:20
SS2 Idrija 2 2.13 km 17:05
Service B (45min) 17:35

Service C (15min) 30. 10. 2016 09:05
SS3 Čekovnik 1 13.65 km 09:38
SS4 Zadlog 1 16.35 km 10:31
Service D (30min) 11:36
SS5 Čekovnik 2 13.65 km 12:24
SS6 Zadlog 2 16.35 km 13:17
Service E (30min) 14:22
SS7 Čekovnik 3 13.65 km 15:10
Total: 77.91 km (178,2km)



SS Idrija


SS Čekovnik


SS Zadlog