14th edition of Rallylegend is here

14. Rallylegend 2016 – Entry list

14th edition of the biggest event with legendary historic cars and drivers represent a very long interesting entry list.

There is almost each car interesting for somebody – from FWD, RWD and AWD racing cars. From WRC, Group A, Group B to Kit cars.
Drivers and codrivers are from everywhere: Finland, Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary, Austria, Belgium and also from New Zealand, Uruguay, Argentina.

There will be present fourth time also slovenian driver Alan Pajk with codriver Vili OŇ°laj and racing car Renault Clio Williams. Pajk was leading last year in M3 class, but somebody crashed into his and some other cars on road section, so he must to retired.
We hope that this year will bring more luck!