Finish line of Petrol Rally Nova Gorica 2016

Claudio De Cecco become four-time winner on Rally Nova Gorica! OK, there was every time with twice higher-class racing car, but this time had close fight with Aleks Humar in Renault Clio R3T, who was also winner in slovenian championship section.


Humar didn’t have any close driver, Rok Turk was the closest with Peugeot 208 R2 on third palce overall.
Home-driver Igor Žbogar was fourth, Grega Premrl fifth and also became a winner in Mitropa Cup section.

Darko Peljhan didn’t find good rhythm this weekend and finished sixth. Aljoša Novak had accident on SS5:

The leaders in almost all devisions of slovenian championship got the main points in Nova Gorica.
Martin Štucin retired on last stage, so Martin Mlinar got the main points there for second place on this event in division 1. Quickest were just Janko Čebron, both with MG ZR 105. Third was Simon Rončel with Peugeot 106 Rallye.

Second in division 2 standings, Viliam Prodan, didn’t start on this event, so Rok Turk had now a big lead front of him.
Also in division 3 wasn’t any different like on other events. Aleš Zrinski got maximum points for win and he was also on seventh place overall. The closest in championship standings, Samo Golob, was retired.

More interesting was in Yugo Cup, where Denis Mrevlje won the first time in this season and he take the lead in championship standings. Second is now Saša Saksida, who also retired on this event.


On 5.Petrol Rally Nova Gorica 2016 successfully finished 68/90 crews. The biggest challange was SS Lig, where a lot of crews had brake problems before finish line.

Spectators could also saw many different interesting racing cars, from Renault Clio, Opel Adam, Škoda Felicia, MG ZR, VW Polo, Peugeot 208, Citroen C2, Fiat Panda etc. It is really big plus to have stages so close, service area is on very interesting location and people there are also very friendly. Rally Nova Gorica become the bigest slovenian rally event – with all reasons.