Rally Nova Gorica 2016 – Entry list


After very long time, there will be more than 90 crews on slovenian rally event! Last time was that kind of high number of entries on Rally Maribor, Rally Ajdovščina, Rally Saturnus in years 2008 – 2010.

5. PETROL Rally Nova Gorica represent 97 crews on their entry list, also with two R5 racing cars. Number 1 got three-time winner Claudio De Cecco from Italy with Peugeot 208 T16. With the same car will arrived austrian driver Walter Mayer who don’t have luck with technic on his car this season.

Because event counted also for Mitropa Cup, on entry list are always fast Krisztian Hideg from Hungary with Mitsubishi Lancer. With the same racing car are on entry list also the main slovenian drivers Darko Peljhan (EVO X) and Aljoša Novak. There won’t be present Hermann Gassner senior, Bernd Zanon, Janos Puskadi and some other “old” memberes from slovenian events:

Rally Nova Gorica 2016 – Entry list

After great organization last year, we could expect another amazing edition of this event. Drivers will be drove nine stages and 100,14km in two racing days on 9. – 10.9.2016

SS1 Ravnica 1 4.80 km 17:48
Service A (30min) 19:37

SS2 Ravnica 2 4.80 km 18:06
Service B (45min) 20:50

Service C (15min) 8:32
SS3 Lig 1 22.20 km 9:20
SS4 Morsko 1 10.30 km 9:58
SS5 Banjščice 1 10.62 km 10:51

Service D (30min) 11:26
SS6 Lig 2 22.20 km 12:29
SS7 Morsko 2 10.30 km 13:07
SS8 Banjščice 2 10.62 km 14:00

Service E (30min) 14:35
SS9 Kromberk 1 4.30 km 15:18
Service F (10min) 15:38

Event total 100.14 km