Few new changes in 2017

The FIA held its second World Motor Sport Council meeting of 2016 today in Turin concluding the fourth FIA Sport Conference where the following decisions were taken:

To create a fairer attribution of points when part of an event’s itinerary is cancelled, a minimum of 75% of the special stage distance must be run in order to allocate full points from 2017. If between 50% and 75% of the itinerary is run, half points will be awarded, and between 25% and 50%, one third of the points. If less than 25% of the special stage distance is run, no points will be awarded.

Only Manufacturer teams will be eligible to enter World Rally Cars under the 2017 regulations.

To provide the opportunity for more drivers to be nominated, from 2017 a Manufacturer will not be required to nominate the first driver in its team. Nominations will however still be required by the closing date of entries for each event.


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