Lada won on home event!

Race was delayed because of rain before start, so it was declared as wet race. After many overtaking between Citroen and Lada drivers, on the finish line was first Tarquini in Lada Vesta.


On Race 2 Lada starts with 1 – 2 – 3 starting places.

WTCC, Moscow Raceway (Russia), Race 1:
1. Tarquini (Lada)
2. Catsburg (Lada)
3. Muller (Citroen)
4. Valente (Lada)
5. Lopez (Citroen)
6. Monteiro (Honda)
7. Huff (Honda)
8. Thompson (Cherlovet)
9. Bennani (Citroen)
10. Michelisz (Honda)