6. Rally Vipavska dolina 2016 – review

6. Rally Vipavska dolina 2016 was finished yesterday after really nice battle between three top crews.


After superspecial stage on Friday with a big number of spectators, there was nine stages on the schedule in Saturday. Humar was the fastest on SS2, Logar rollovered his Impreza on SS3 and Peljhan took the lead on SS3 and didn’t gave the chance to give away until turbo failure on SS8. He lost 16.3 seconds there and more on next stages, when he fall on final 11th place overall.


Fight was opened for Novak and Humar, where Novak had 5.6 seconds lead before last stage. There was Humar used maximum attack and won in overal standings with 2.1 seconds ahead Novak.
Turk was third and also the winner in Division 2. There were also nice to see some comeback drivers, also home driver Bratina, who finished fourth with Peugeot 208 VTi R2.
Premrl had some headache but still manage to be fifth overall. Zanon with Renault Clio S1600 was the only one driver from other country and finished sixth ahead second comeback Miklavčič in Renault Clio RS.
Zrinski finished eighth and was also the winner in Divison 3. In Division 1 was also nice fight between Mlinar and Štucin. But Štucin lost too much time on SS6 so Mlinar was the winner in this division.


6. Rally Vipavska dolina 2016 – Final results

We didn’t be able to visit this event because of illness, but there were so many positive feedback informations that organizators did a really good job.
After many years (the last one was in 2011) were there many spectators that were enjoy in racing.
There were 49 crews on start, 36 crews saw the finish line. SS4 was cancelled because of safety reasons and there weren’t any big mistake in organization.
You can see also few picture moments from our photographer on this event – Adrijan Samec:

6. Rally Vipavska dolina 2016