Turbo failure was decided also winner on Azores

After Lukyanuk’s “safe” leading on 51. Azores Airlines Rallye 2016 it was time for turbo failure on SS14. He lost more than one minute on this stage and lost overall leading by 42.7 seconds.
The new leader become home driver Moura, on third place was Kajetanowicz with more than three minute behind leader.


On penultimate stage Lukyanuk cut the leading gap almost by a half on 20.96km stage with repaired turbo, which one he repaired it after finish of SS14.
Orsak and Tlustak were both having puncture on SS15 and Jeets must to retired from nineth place overall on SS15 due accident damage after spin.


Lukyanuk was on good way to takes a lead back on the 21.71km long last stage, but puncture didn’t alowed him that.
So Moura is first time winner on this event. Lukyanuk was second, Kajetanowicz third.
Botka leapt from sixth to fourth place, which one is the best ERC result in his career.
Overall standings:
1. Moura Ricardo – Costa António ( Ford Fiesta R5 ) 2:42:23.5
2. Lukyanuk Alexey – Arnautov Alexey ( Ford Fiesta R5 ) +26.8
3. Kajetanowicz Kajetan – Baran J. ( Ford Fiesta R5 ) +3:23.0
4. Botka Dávid – Szeles Péter ( Citroën DS3 R5 ) +5:28.5
5. Orsák Jaroslav – Šmeidler David ( Ford Fiesta R5 ) +5:34.1
6. Meireles Pedro – Castro Mário ( Škoda Fabia R5 ) +5:44.1
7. Rego Luís Miguel – Magalhães C. ( Ford Fiesta R5 ) +5:46.2
8. Fontes José Pedro – Ponte I. ( Citroën DS3 R5 ) +6:17.9
9. Teodósio Ricardo – Teixeira José ( Ford Fiesta R5 ) +7:01.2
10. Tlusťák Antonín – Kučera L. ( Škoda Fabia R5 ) +7:30.7

In ERC2 was the winner Chuchala and Gago in ERC3 and ERC Junior section.